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Duo cards: What gives me uncontrollable gas? Ethereum!
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About Duo

We all deserve to laugh more. Duo is the first play-to-earn humor-based social NFT game built on Cardano. NFT gaming is the next wave of crypto adoption, and Duo gameplay is designed to be an easy-entry NFT game with enjoyable gameplay for all levels of crypto users.

In Duo, black cards act as prompts, while color cards deliver a variety of funny quips. The "best" pair (as selected by a judge) wins that round. Best of all, you can earn real crypto when you play either!

We've already seen tremendous growth so far, so don't miss out on this opportunity to join this new segment of the crypto industry. Let's put humanity's humor to the test.

Global Game

We have players all over the world who play Duo in pre-Alpha today!

1034%+ Growth

NFT Gaming Sector is exploding in 2021 alone with growth across the world.

Buy Duo Cards
Our Genesis Deck minting ended March 31st!

Purchase Duo Cards

It doesn't matter if you are a collector, casual gamer, or competitive earner - every Duo Card is a unique NFT, with varying rarity and humor attributes to fit your style. Our Genesis Deck minting ended on March 31st. Purchase your Duo cards on the secondary market through

Roadmap to full gameplay -


Mint Duo Cards (CNFT's) Starting October 2021

Mint the first deck of cards with exclusive Alpha access and a PreAlpha Player Pass (details below).


Pre-Alpha Gameplay
Q1 2022

An expansion of pre-alpha gameplay, including improved Discord bots, and community collaborative game nights.


Alpha Game + Tokens
Q2 - Q3 2022

Test out early gameplay with our token pre-sale to help us tweak the meta and earn founder rewards.


Full Game (Web App)
Q4 2022

Gather your friends, join a room and laugh the night away. Unlock new cards & climb the leaderboards.

Join PreAlpha Gameplay!

Every card minted during our pre-alpha gameplay period will get exclusive access to our entire alpha gameplay period including gameplay token presale! In addition, every player who joins in pre-alpha gameplay before March 31st, 2022, will be eligible for a special PreAlpha Player Pass NFT after minting is complete. This NFT will grant the holder exclusive access to 2022 and 2023 Duo events, and the ability to mint their own color card into Duo! Join our community and stay up to date on everything that's happening at Duo.

PreAlpha Pass
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